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Acupuncture, acus stands for “needle” and punctura stands for “to puncture”, is a therapy in which practitioners stimulate the pressure points using thin needles. This therapy is usually safe when done by an expert using sterilized thin needles. Inserting needles in the skin provoke the circulation of the energy freely in the body that allows balance and also relieve the pain. This therapy is an ancient Chinese medication, highly effective for both acute and chronic diseases.

As these needles can cause pain at some points, a quick insertion of needle is recommended to avoid pain. The skill level of an acupuncturist may dominate how painful the needle insertion could be and a well-trained acupuncturist will insert the needle without causing any pain. The diseases which are being treated by acupuncture include migraines, pains, sciatica, asthma and sinusitis. Our skillful acupuncturists ensure to provide painless and first-rate therapy.